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"The former St. Laurence pupils in my guitar ensemble are extremely committed and talented young musicians. The superb start they receive at your school will hopefully continue to inspire them over many years to come."

Adam Hickman- Deputy Head of Birmingham Music Service

At St Laurence Juniors, we love making music! We know that music is really important in helping us to be happy, confident and well-rounded learners. We know that we can all benefit from involvement in music, and that our positive experiences of studying music at a young age can lead to an interest that will last a lifetime.

On Friday 25th November, we were very lucky to welcome Dr Leigh and some boys from King Edward's School in Edgbaston, who performed a wonderful concert for us. The children were wowed by the pupils' skills on the trombone, clarinet and violin and were a wonderfully attentive, receptive audience, giving some brilliant answers to Dr Leigh's challenging musical questions!


Mrs Camwell was really proud to receive the following positive feedback from the leadership team at KES:

"Martin Leigh and our boys returned on Friday afternoon with shining words about St Laurence - they had a wonderful afternoon, and would like to extend their thanks for being such an amazing host. We really hope that you and your children enjoyed a great afternoon of music!"