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Support for Families in Northfield 


Northfield and Birmingham are offering support for families at this time. Please see the leaflets below. This includes support with housing, benefits advice and emergency food parcels. 

Mental Health support 


Mental health is always important, but whilst children are learning at home this can lead to extra pressures. It is really important to remember that children benefit from a routine. This includes regular mealtimes and maintaining a bed time routine. It is also important to get out of the house each day for a short walk or some exercise. 


There are lots of resources available to support parents when thinking about their child's mental health. Here are some resources that might be useful. 

Bereavement support


Sadly, many families may be experiencing the loss of a loved one at this time. The following resources are aimed at supporting children to understand and manage loss. 


Maintaining physical wellbeing 


It is important to make sure that children are maintaining physical fitness. Here are links to support: