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Prayer Councillors

The St Laurence Prayer Council has a central role in Collective Worship, RE and within wider school life. There is one prayer councillor in each class. We meet weekly to discuss worship, prepare for upcoming events, write prayers and evaluate the worship that has taken place. 


The Prayer Council:

  • say a greeting at the start of each collective worship and dismiss the school community at the end.
  • Run our Picture News worship in class.
  • welcome visitors into collective worship, for example parents during our Celebration Assembly.
  • ensure our school value is displayed in their classroom.
  • prepare and carry out collective worship about the meaning of each school value. They look for examples of it being shown in the Bible.
  • change the prayer cloth in their classroom for each liturgical season.
  • say a lunchtime and end of day prayer with their class; they ask children who wish to join in with the prayer to do so.
  • work with members of the clergy to prepare for festivals in church.
  • share how they have developed spiritually with their friends and adults in school - some of their words can be found below.


Year 3 Prayer Council:

Maimuna, Emily, Abi


Year 4 Prayer Council:

Titus, Lizzy, Kieran


Year 5 Prayer Council:

Rosie, Anna, Ahren


Year 6 Prayer Council:

Millie-Mae, Rachel, Peter






Oliver talks about his First Holy Communion


On Sunday 6th November 2022, I received my First Holy Communion. At the start, we sang a hymn, then Canon Janet said a prayer. After that, we were invited to the front., we had to make a promise to Jesus and got a candle and certificate. Then we sat until it was our turn to get communion. We sat prayerfully. It was special, I enjoyed it a lot.

Prayers written by the children of St Laurence Junior School


Dear Lord,

Let us have a good year ahead, 

Let's improve on the mistakes we have made,

Let us try new things this year,

Let us be kind in all the ways we can.




By Ellie



Dear God,

Thank you for making our amazing world,

Please can you help the poor and give them food,

Thank you for giving us food and water.

Please help us to show perseverance.

Thank you for the wonderful animals in our world,

Please help us to show respect to them.

Please let people know that you are with them,

Thank you for sending us your one and only son.




By Phoebe



Dear Lord,

I thank you for my food,

I thank you for my family.

Please bless the people around me.

Please help me to be the best I can be.

Please help those in need,

I thank you for who you sent to help us,




By Poppy