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Here at St. Laurence Junior School, we believe there is a sport to suit everybody and we do our best to find it! Sport is enjoyable, motivating and character building and our goal is that our children leave us inspired to continue their chosen sports into their adult lives.

The Impact of PE and School Sport at St. Laurence Church Junior School:

At St. Laurence Church Junior School there is a big emphasis on PE and school sport. We believe that sport has a huge positive impact on young people. It leads to healthier lifestyles and lifelong hobbies and friendships. Sport teaches children how to win respectfully and lose gracefully. Representing the school gives children a sense of pride and belonging. They learn key life skills of communication, teamwork, discipline, perseverance and trust.


We encourage all of our pupils to try different sports and activities. A huge range of clubs are provided and children who commit to training are always rewarded with opportunities to represent the school in competitive fixtures or festivals.


Here are a range of facts and quotes which highlight the impact sport has had on our pupils here at St. Laurence:


  • This year 165 pupils took part in an active extra-curricular activity. Of these children 42 had taken part in more than one club. 
  • The number of different sports we compete include; tag-rugby, girls and boys football, table tennis, netball, cross country and athletics with plans to expand this again next year. 

  • We try to enter as many competitions as possible for each sport and rotate selection each time to ensure that all children get given opportunities.

  • This year in 2019-20, up until half term 4, 97 children had represented the school, with 55 of those children representing the school in more than one sport. We were on track to surpass last year with events such as athletics at Abbey Stadium and cricket being unable to be played due to COVID-19.
  • In 2018-19, 119 children had represented the school in a sports event.
  • Over the years we have gained a reputation for ourselves across Birmingham and in some sports, beyond that too. This is down to quality teaching and coaching, our volunteers who help to run clubs, the excellent facilities and equipment we provide and children who have bought into our philosophy of trying and enjoying a range of sports.


  • Year 5 pupil: I enjoyed the tag-rugby festival because it has pushed me because now I know I can do other sports. I like table tennis because Mrs Ren gets you to play people who are better than you and she doesn’t let me play people who I might beat easily. The table tennis fixture was stressful because when you know you can beat a person and it goes downhill but I enjoy it! The tag rugby tournament was good because it was a team sport where as table tennis is normally an individual sport and my teachers cheer me on.


  • Year 3 pupil: So far I have been part of the Aston Villa Football club. I have represented the school in an indoor football competition. AVFC is good because you get to play fair teams against Y3 and Y4. I am happy with the coaches. The tournament I played in was hard and good because they were hard teams because we mainly played against Y4 and there were hardly any Y3s but we came second which was good. So far in Year 3 we have done tag-rugby, basketball, gymnastics and robot dancing. PE in year 3 is good, I particularly enjoyed playing tag-rugby and working together in a team. I enjoyed the House tag rugby competition.


  • Year 4 pupil: I am part of the Aston Villa Football club, drama and gymnastic club. In drama I like that you get to choose your groups and you can be with who you want and you can make your own thing, as well as performing. I enjoyed performing in front of the whole school and showing the whole school what you should and shouldn’t do about bullying. In gymnastics, I like that you can make a sequence of movements such as jumps, shapes and rolls in a sequence. In AVFC I like the coaches because they are really nice and I like that Y4 can choose to go inside or outside and when you go outside you play with the Y5 and 6 and inside you play with the Y3. This year, I have also represented the school in an indoor girls football tournament and as part of a DDMIX dance competition, where we got to dance in front of Dame Darcy Bussell.


  • Year 6 pupil: This year so far I have been part of netball club and have represented the school in netball and cross country.  We get pushed in Netball club to be our best player possible. The tag rugby festival was fun.