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Dinner Menus

A Salad Bar and selection of fresh vegetables will be available daily with at least five choices.

All meal choices are priced at £2.40 payable via iPay. Red, Blue and Green menus include a dessert of choice. Yellow menu includes a drink and dessert of choice. All children have access to water but may also purchase drinks as follows:

MMilk, apple juice, orange juice or water at 30p


Healthy School


At St Laurence we aim to equip children with a range of skills in order to be healthy, safe and happy both emotionally and physically.

We have been awarded with the Healthy Schools Award in the past and we strive to maintain this. We work closely with children and parents to ensure that they get the best education in health and fitness.

As a school we encourage regular exercise and therefore offer the children a range of activities in order to develop skills. Extra-curricular activities like dance, football, tag rugby, cricket, golf, gymnastics and multi-skills are available. These are led by either teachers or outside agencies.

We provide excellent school dinners. Children and staff monitor this to ensure nutritional standards are high. Each year group also has the opportunity to handle, prepare and cook a range of foods. Year 5 are actively involved in growing food in our allotment and enjoy a fantastic feast at the end of the year.