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Welcome to Year 5.


We aim to provide a stimulating and enjoyable learning environment where all children are encouraged to learn through experience.


We strive to offer a broad, balanced and enriched curriculum, catering for the needs of all children and their learning styles. We are keen to ensure the continuous development of our curriculum in order to meet the changing needs of our pupils. Through creative activities children are well motivated. They achieve highly, work hard and have fun. Our aim is to ensure children develop independence and are well-prepared for the challenges of Year 6.


The teaching staff are: Ms Chohan (Year Leader and Class Teacher 5S ), Mr Stonehall  (Class Teacher 5L), Miss Bailey (Class Teacher 5J), Mrs Hughes and Mrs S Jones (Teaching Assistants).

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Year 5 to Year 6 transition meeting Powerpoint


Y5 came dressed as Vikings and were very excited to start their Inspiration Day.  The day was jammed packed with Viking activities and was full of surprises. We started the day off with Viking baking.  The children took their time to measure the ingredients and judge the amount of water needed to make their bread dough.  They had lots of fun but the classroom carpet may not agree.  

Soon after break, the children made and designed some absolutely beautiful brooches. Then they explored  Anglo-Saxon and Viking maps of the U.K.  They identified the 7 Anglo-Saxon kingdoms to gain a better understanding of the battle for England.


Viking Bread Rolls


Please enjoy our short baking videos. If you would like to make these at home here is the recipe:

330g  strong bread flour

80g oats

1tsp salt

1tsp baking powder

Up to 2 cups of water add gradually 

Leave to bake in the oven for 30mins at a temp of 180 degrees.





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Viking Brooches

Please enjoy our short videos on how we made our Viking Brooches.




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Year 5 had a great time at Aztec Adventure.  The children enjoyed 2 action packed, full days of outdoor activities.  Some of these included climbing walls, kayaking, canoeing and building their own rafts to name a few.

All the children did extremely well and pushed themselves to their limits including their teachers!!  We were certainly impressed with the team spirit and encouragement that the children showed one another, qualities which all pupils strive to achieve at St Laurence Junior.  Despite the damp and cold weather, everybody thoroughly enjoyed the day and made the most of this great opportunity. Well done Year 5!

Please enjoy taking a look at some of our photographs.


Aztec Adventure May 2021


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Viking Creative Day

Lockdown Learning- Japanese Hapa Zome Printing

Groovy Greeks Inspiration Day


Year 5 children thoroughly enjoyed their Greek inspiration Day.  The children took part in a range of activities including the Greek Olympics, food tasting and string printing.

Thank you to all the children who came in dressed up as Greeks- you looked fabulous!!

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Severn Valley Workshop
Woodgate Valley 2019



Reminder: Please send your child in wearing colours resembling water e.g shades of blue, white and green.  Please also ensure all children bring in their P.E kits too.


Woodgate Valley Trip

Our trip has now been re-sheduled to a later date of Wednesday 2nd and Thursday 3rd Ocober 2019.

5L Morning of Wednesday 2nd October 2019

5J Afternoon of Wednesday 2nd October 2019

5S Morning of Thursday 3rd October 2019


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Year 5 Expectations

In the document below you will find the expectations for Year 5 as well as information on how to help your child with Reading and Maths.

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World Book Day 2019

Year 5 had a great time celebrating World Book Day. We took part in lots of different reading inspired activities as well as participating in the BBC Live World Book Day lesson.



September 2018 - July 2019

What have Year 5 been up to?

'Go with the flow' inspiration day.


Year 5 had great fun learning all about different ways to save water as part of our inspiration day.

We played a variety of team games to help our collaboration skills. We enjoyed our first art lesson where we learnt all about Monet and impressionism.


We also used ourselves to create our very own water droplet!  We think it looks very effective!


Growth Mindset

The children and staff in Year 5 learnt all about the differences between fixed and growth mindset in an assembly by Ms.White.

We learn that we can all learn anything!

Throughout our lessons we are all going to be encouraging each other to reframe our thinking and if we can't do something reframe our thoughts and say we can't do it YET.


Woodgate Valley River Study

Our Year 5 children thoroughly enjoyed kick starting our "Go with the Flow" topic with a visit from Severn Trent Water. Children learnt all about how to can save water within their homes and the process water goes through in order for it to become clean. It was very interesting!

Ancient Greece Inspiration Day - 10.1.18

What a fabulous way to kick start 2018! Our Year 5 children looked fabulous today to start our Ancient Greece topic. Thank you for all the effort that went into the children's costumes. The children really enjoyed doing some Greek food tasting, studying the architecture of the Greeks and even Olympic events!

CAM Toys


Year 5 have started to make their own CAM toys.  We were very impressed at their woodwork skills and can't wait to see the finished products! We will be sure to add some to the website so you can enjoy them too.

Parliament Workshops 11.10.17


Year 5 have thoroughly enjoyed our Parliament assembly and debating workshops today. We debated different subjects including if we should ban homework or not! The children learnt a lot about how Parliament works and how laws can be passed.

Rock Steady Workshop

The children in Year 5 loved their Rock Steady workshop. We discovered some amazing talents within our year group including how well Violet can sing and how Isabella is great at playing the drums!

Here's what some children thought of the workshop:

"I thought the Rock Steady workshop was fun because everyone joined in and some people even got to play on the instruments!"
"I thought that the Rock Steady was amazing! I loved hearing the electric guitar, drums and keyboard altogether with singing. I would love to have my own band."

North America Inspiration Day

Growing Gains Update!

The garden is looking fantastic at the moment with all our fruits and vegetables growing. We are particularly impressed with our beans but our carrots could do with a bit of a boost!

Year 5 cannot wait for our Growing Gains Feast on Wednesday 12th July. 

Year 5 - Trip to the Vihara

On Thursday 16th March, Year 5 visited the Buddhist Vihara in Ladywood. As we stepped off the coach, the children were amazed at the building and were equally impressed with the ornate furniture inside the Vihara. The children's behaviour was excellent and they all learned something new.


Set 1 English

As part of our current English focus 'Flotsam,' Set 1 created their very own news reports on the amazing camera. The children took this very seriously and really enjoyed themselves. I think we might have found ourselves some future stars too!

Growing Gains Update!

The allotment is looking great at the moment thanks to the work of Year 5 and the gardening club. Lots of vegetables have been planted and are starting to grow. Today, we planted some carrots. We're really looking forward to the feast at the end of the year.


Worcester Warriors!

Year 5 are really enjoying their rugby sessions with Worcester Warriors and are learning a lot.

Friday 27th January 2017

Set 1 English thoroughly enjoyed creating their own descriptive poetry today.

Here's one they wrote altogether... Can you guess where they are describing? 


All is silent, all is still.

The lifeless trees shed tears,

Shadows hide in the corners,

As the sun, paints the ground golden.

Basketball hoops are soldiers,

Standing proudly – waiting.


All is loud, all is wild,

The cage opens and the beasts are let loose!

Whirlwinds of colour dance all around,

As the golden sheet, is ripped from the floor.

Basketballs are firing in the air,

Moving quickly in a frenzy.


All is silent, all is still.

The beasts retreat…


The Playground

Villa Vitality

Year 5 are lucky enough to be taking part in Villa Vitality this half term. The programme runs over a six-week period and teaches the children about nutrition and healthy lifestyle. We hope it motivates the children to adopt positive lifestyle changes.

Growing Gains - children are really enjoying our fortnightly sessions with Martyn and are learning a lot about the garden. We can't wait for the end of year feast.

Maths - Set 2 thoroughly enjoyed baking as part of our measures and conversions unit! Great fun had by all.

Woodgate Valley!