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Black History Month

Black History Month 


Birmingham’s Black History Month has become an important feature of the city’s event calendar since the mid-1990s. Birmingham holds its diversity dear and the City Council is mindful of the need to reflect on its development, to learn new and inspiring stories, and include as many people as possible in considering the impact of black history on our identity in the 21st century. Birmingham City Council is proud to support the annual Black History Month each October. Throughout October, residents and visitors will be able to take part in various cultural activities which celebrate and explore our black history. We greatly encourage all communities to engage in Black History Month as a portal for developing lifelong partnerships and friendships and celebrating our black heritage together.


Congratulations must go to the partners and organisations involved in organising and coordinating the month’s activities across Birmingham. Our thanks, in particular, go to Blackstory Partnership, which includes Inspiring a New GenerationRecognize Black Heritage and Culture and Mykal Wassifa Brown CIC, who have compiled an exciting brochure of events including an online launch.

During October, we celebrate Black History Month and reflect on key moments in black history whilst also learning new and inspiring stories. We celebrate the achievements of individuals who have helped to shape our lives and have contributed to our identity in the 21st century.


In school, children will be completing a range of activities to develop understanding of Black History Month ranging from shared reading texts, artwork, and research important people. We are keen to encourage a desire for lifelong learning and our whole school homework will give children the opportunity to tailor their learning to include independent study about a person that they have chosen.


As our children complete activities during Black History Month we will be adding examples to the school website to share with you all. We look forward to the range of work from all year groups which we are sure will showcase the ingenuity and effort of all children at St. Laurence Church Junior School.

Year 3

In Year 3 the children looked at the Art of Lois Mailou Jones.

Jones was a prominent African American artist. She achieved most of her goals during the Harlem Renaissance. Jones became the first African American to have a solo exhibition at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. Her art unfolded, and embraced different styles and different cultures.