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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3.


This is the start of KS2. Here we aim to provide a happy and secure learning environment for all who join us. It is an important year as the children learn to become more independent. We encourage them to engage in their learning in order to achieve their full potential.


Our classrooms are based near the back playground and we have an excellent view of the school allotment. We provide a rich, stimulating, creative curriculum which caters for all the needs of our children.


The teaching staff are: Mrs Hamilton (Year Leader and 3HH's class teacher), Miss Harvey (3EH's class teacher), Miss Bailey (3B's class teacher)  Mrs Allen (PPA cover), Mrs S Jones (Teaching Assistant), Mrs S James (Teaching Assistant) and Mrs Robinson(Teaching Assistant)

 Year 3's Roman Inspiration Day November 2021


Year 3 had a fantastic inspiration day with lots fun activities to complete. They came to school dressed as Romans and all looked amazing, well done Year 3 (and parents!). We completed our mosaic stars ready for decorating the hall at Christmas and we had a visit from Professor McGinty. A fun day was had by all!










Year 3's Scavengers and Settlers Inspiration day September 2021

Year 3 had their inspiration day on Friday 10th September. We went outside to make our own games and art work from nature. First, the children had to scavenge for their resources (sticks, stones, leaves and other natural materials), then they settled in a place on the playground to make their own art work or game. They really enjoyed this task! We then read UG and designed our own outfit for a cave person. After lunch, we looked at cave art and how the caves were decorated with markings. Charcoal was used to make our handprint and then a symbol. The year 3 children had a fun day and are now really excited to fin out about the past!








Our work is on display in the year 3 corridor.



 Rainforest Dave's visit

Year 3 were very excited to have a special visit from Rainforest Dave. He told us all about his adventures in the Rainforest and even brought in some creatures. The year 3's enjoyed dressing up like the Rainforest as well!







Year 3's Rainforest projects

 The Iron Man (April 2021)

 As part of our English work, year 3 have designed their own robot and created a class robot (it's over 1m tall!) The children really enjoyed working together and making our class robot.







 Science Week (April 2021)


 As part of science week, year 3 looked at wonky fruit and vegetables. We found out that some supermarkets sell fruit and vegetables that don't always look as nice as they should! We tasted them to see if there was a difference....The answer is not really! They really enjoying looking at the wonky fruit and vegetables and more importantly, really enjoyed trying them!







Salad making January 2021

Roman Inspiration day November 2020


Year 3 pupils really enjoyed dressing up as Romans for the day and making mosaics.





Medium Term Plans 2019-20

Sophie's Story - during lockdown, Sophie has written her own story and wanted to share it with you all.

Year 3 trip to the Gurdwara -January 2020

Inspiration day February 2020- Gateways to the world


The children really enjoyed themselves on our inspiration day for this half term's topic. They came dressed in their holiday clothes, as pilots, air stewards and even a captain of a cruise ship! They researched the continents and made 3D models of each continent. They also enjoyed researching the flag of Eurpope and creating them!










Inspiration Day - Food Glorious Food, January 2020


The year 3 children came to school dressed up as either their favourite foods, chefs, waiters and waitresses! They got to taste a range of fruit and vegetables such as radishes, peppers, grapes and a range of tomatoes! In the afternoon, they planned their own salad ready for our D&T project this half term - designing and making a salad! 







Inspiration Day - The Romans

Year 3 had a fabulous day pretending to be Romans for the day! Children came dressed up as Romans and took part in a Roman fashion show, learnt about famous Romans and made some mosaic stars! Even the staff joined in with dressing up! Well done year 3, a fantastic start to our Roman topic!









Inspiration day September 2019


The year three pupils had a very special visitor, a caveman! They really enjoyed asking him questions about life in the Stone Age. They also designed an outfit for a caveman and invented a game using only things they found in the playground! 







Rainforest Dave's Visit

Gateways to the World

Year 3 had an excellent day yesterday.  We played departure dash at the airport, had to pack which was pandemonium and 'flew' to Australia. The children all looked fantastic and I think it's safe to say they are excited for our new topic 'Gateways to the World!'. Thank you to all of our parents and carers for supporting our Inspiration Day!

Making Fish Cakes!

As part of our 'Food Glorious Food' topic, children made their own healthy meal. For this, children made their own fish cakes accompanied by a salad. As you can see from the pictures, the food went down well! 

Roman Inspiration Day! 

The children thoroughly enjoyed our Roman Inspiration Day and learnt a lot.

Thank you to all of our parents and carers who supported our day and ensured the children looked fabulous in their Roman attire!