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Personal Development

During their time at St Laurence Church Junior School, children will have access to a wide range of enriching experiences both within the curriculum as well as through extra-curricular activities.  They will have opportunities to engage and develop their interests through an understanding of themselves and the wider world in which we live in.  


Children will be given the opportunities to enhance their learning and cultural understanding, through residential trips, visits to other places, and through working with visitors who come into school. They will develop projects with the aim of raising money for charities and developing their understanding of community. Children will have opportunities to develop and broaden their understanding and are encouraged to excel, whatever their ability.


By the end of their time here at St Laurence Church Junior School, our children will be independent learners with an enthusiasm and love of learning. They will be individuals with a confident set of skills, knowledge and Christian values which can be used not only in their next stage of education, but also in life as they become global citizens and life-long learners, equipped to adapt in an ever-changing world.



Personal Development Overview