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St Laurence Church Junior School home page


Staff List 2021-22


HeadteacherMr Andrew Murphy
Deputy HeadteacherMrs Karla Mulrain
Assistant Headteacher/SENCOMrs Lyn Haden


Year Leaders

Y6 Ms Sanjit Chohan

Y5 Mrs Louise Stirzaker

Y4 Ms Anna White

Y3 Mrs Hayley Hamilton


Strategic Business ManagerMrs Julie Milner
Office Manager   Mrs Debbie Rose
Administrative Assistant Mrs Joanne Smith
Site Manager Mr Lee Carter


Teaching Staff

Year 6:  Ms Sanjit Chohan, Mrs Laura Durose, Mr Thomas Murray and Mrs Sarah Camwell

Year 5:  Mrs Louise Stirzaker, Mr Christopher Stonehall, Mrs Michelle Pickering and Mrs Meera Parmar

Year 4:  Ms Anna White, Mrs Rebecca Bush,  Mr Peter Kuriger

Year 3: Mrs Hayley Hamilton, Miss Emily Harvey, Miss Sarah Bailey and Mrs Johanna Allen


Pastoral Lead          Mrs Jane Hamilton


Teaching Assistants

Mrs Lorraine Jones

Mrs Rubina Askari

Mrs Sue James

Miss Richenda James

Mrs Sharon Jones

Mrs Esther Robinson


Lunchtime Supervisors

Ms. Buller  Senior Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs. Large

Miss Leith

Miss Wallis

Miss Green

Mrs Corby

Mrs Owen

Mrs Lee

Mrs Wall

Mrs Grech

Mrs Askari

Mrs Collins

Mrs Hatchard

Mrs Ricketts


Breakfast and After School Staff

Mrs Lorraine Jones Manager
Mrs Sharon Jones   Deputy Manager

Mrs Rubina Askari

Mrs Michelle Leith

Mrs Elizabeth Owen

Miss Claire Wallis

Mrs Lisa Corby


Catering Staff

Mrs Shirley Bowles Catering Manager

Mrs Janice Gould

Mrs Penelope Collis

Mrs Louise Irving

Mrs Jayne Cartwright


Cleaning Staff

Mrs Kerry Murphy

Mrs Elaine Cox

Mrs Charlotte Healey