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Interfaith Week

Interfaith Week 


In November, the children at St Laurence Junior School took part in Interfaith Week.

This was an exciting and motivational week in school.

It was a fabulous opportunity to bring people with different beliefs closer together and build positive relationships.


The week started with an inspirational assembly.

Some of our Year 6 pupils spoke to our school community about their religions:

Ria spoke about Hinduism, Evie and Rhian spoke about Christianity, Saba told us about Islam, Millie and Catherine showed us many artifacts from their religion, Chinese Shenism, and Sukhmani spoke about Sikhism.


Everyone has different beliefs;

we can learn to educate ourselves about different beliefs and respect other people’s views and opinions.

We are all different, believe different things, like different things and its important to celebrate our differences.


During the week, the children in school learnt about religions in our local area. 

We held an  exhibition of our work and invited members of our local community share their thoughts about faith with us over a cup of coffee!



Interfaith Week

A prayer for our community


Creator God,

We thank you for the amazing diversity of your creation.
So much life, expressed in different forms, living in a huge variety of ways.
We thank you that this diversity is expressed in human life, people all made in your image, yet living, believing and hoping in different ways.
Many gather together, expressing shared beliefs, as part of faith communities.

In the richness of your creative diversity, we give thanks for faith communities who gather together to express shared beliefs that may be both similar and different to our own.

Help us to step out to meet people of other faiths and beliefs, in the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord.