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Reading for Pleasure

Reading for Pleasure


At St Laurence School we believe that reading should be a fundamental skill which is developed to support lifelong learning and reading for pleasure. Our aim is to develop and embed a strong, reading culture and reading community, where our children foster a love of reading through exposure to rich and varied reading opportunities.


Wider Reading Opportunities

At St Laurence, we strive to enrich the children’s love and enjoyment for reading by providing wider opportunities throughout our curriculum.

We always join in with annual reading and book events such as World Book Day to encourage and inspire children to share their favourite books and authors, but to also discover new books and authors from which they have not yet read. We are already planning more exciting book related events for our 2022-2023 academic year!​



Classroom Libraries

Each classroom in school has its own book area that has recently been refreshed with new books that were chosen by staff and pupils to encourage a love of reading. The children within each class where able to select the books they wanted to buy for their classrooms. This was all made possible by a generous donation from our governors.

Class Reading Books

Throughout each half term, each class teacher will share a longer text with their class each day. Staff are encouraged to read books that their class will enjoy and often the children can vote on what class book they would like to read next.

School Library

We have a fantastic library, which has been stocked with lots of brand-new books that the children asked for, including new authors, new topics and those that cover current issues worldwide. ​We are currently developing exciting plans to enhance the library further! All children get to visit the school library weekly and we are hoping to begin using it at playtimes and lunchtimes when they library refurbishment has been finished.


World Book Day 2022

We had a fantastic time celebrating World Book Day! Staff ensured the whole day was focused around books and we all had great fun!