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Growth Mindset

Growth Mindset at home

Questions to think about:

1. What sort of learners do you want your children to be?

2. How does your child feel about learning now?

3. Can they tell you what they like learning and what they are good or not good at?

4. Does your child have a Growth Mindset, Fixed Mindset or both?

At St Laurence, we know that pupils who have a positive attitude towards their learning will make better progress and be a happier and more successful learner. Consequently, instilling all our pupils with 'growth mindsets' has become a priority for the school this year and beyond.


So what is the difference between having a Growth Mindset or a Fixed Mindset.  


Building learning resilience and positivity

Praise your child’s willingness to try and the effort they put into something. Avoid praise that refers to them “being smart” or “being the best” as intelligence is not fixed and can be grown with effort and hard work.

Growth Mindset qualities for us to model, encourage and praise:

  • Hard work and great effort.
  • Perseverance
  • Resilience
  • Flexibility of attitude
  • Positive attitudes when faced with challenge or difficulty.

Help your child identify their own strengths and see challenges as positive life experiences.


For more information on how you can encourage a growth mindset at home, please visit the following website: