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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6!

Year 6 is an important year for our pupils and marks the transition towards secondary school. We aim to ensure that we send our children on to their new schools as responsible, organised and engaged pupils ready to face their new challenges.

During this year, we encourage our children to take a greater responsibility in school life. They carry out a variety of jobs around our school, including paper recycling, music monitors, chairs and library monitors; they even deliver messages at lunchtime!

Year 6 is obviously a very important year as the children prepare for their end of Key Stage SATs. Whilst recognising and working hard at this, we also strive to give the children an enjoyable and memorable final year at their Junior School. We offer all children the opportunity to enjoy and experience a four day residential trip to York. In addition, at the end of Year 6, all children take part in a musical production, which makes a fantastic end to their four years with us.

The teaching staff are; Ms Chohan (Year Leader), Miss Broderick (Class Teacher), Mrs Gilks (Class Teacher), Mrs Pickering (Class Teacher), Miss James (Teaching Assistant) and Mrs Jones (Teaching Assistant).

Newsletters 2017-18
Medium Term Plan Overview

Science Week

Year 6 had lots of fun working with King Edwards School.  The children completed a range of activities involving 'LIGHT.'

The children made bubble houses, created shadows and even wore diffraction glasses. 

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Moneysense Workshop 2017


Year 6 worked with Natwest Bank volunteers looking at the value of money and how to spend wisely.

Children were given £100 to plan a great party for a child.  

They worked in teams to plan and budget their parties.  Each group then presented their party and discussed money saving tips.

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Year 6 Kick Off Lenten Project
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Worcester Wolves Basketball Players Visit Year 6


Year 6 had a fantastic afternoon playing alongside professional basketball players.  The children completed a range of activities to develop their skills and even had the opportunity to participate in a Q&A session.




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Year 6 Maths Lesson


In Maths we have been looking at co-ordinates, rotation, reflection and translation. We decided to make it as practical as we could! 




Year 6 Bhangra Dancing

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RE Lessons in Year 6
In RE we spent some time focusing on the Sikh festival of Baisakhi. Year 6 learned about the traditional Bhangra dance and here we are having a go at our own interpretation of this style of dance.

Music Lessons in Year 6

This half term we have been looking at Reggae music, our singing and our dancing has improved, as well as our ability to play some instruments in time with the music.



Skills for Bills

The Royal Bank of Scotland spent the day with year 6, teaching us all about the importance of money!





Year 6 Bournville Visit


We visited Bournville to look at the architeture within the local area, sketching the many beautiful buildings we saw. 



Year 6 dress up for World Book Day

OS Map Symbols

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OS Map Symbols 7



As part of our topic, Being Human, we learnt about how important neurons are to our everyday functioning, then we made our own 3D neurons!



Year 6 Christmas Party


On Tuesday 15th December we all took part in various party games, involving spaghetti, polos and chocolate to name a few! The children all dressed up in their party outfits and a great time was had by all. 





Crucification of Jesus



Year 6 have been creating their own news reports on the crucifiction of Jesus, including their own eye-witness accounts.

Maths Dominoes


Miss Parker’s Year 6 Maths Group. Our task was to create a full set of dominoes. We knew that the domino was split into 2. We also knew that the sides could have anywhere from zero dots to six dots on. We had to bid for the correct number of tiles to create a full set of dominoes.

Here we are making up our tiles. How many individual tiles do you think we needed in order to complete the set of dominoes?



Science Investigation.


Year 6 carried out some investigation work to explore the question ‘Is yeast alive?’ We decided to use yeast and sugar mixed with warm water, in one test tube, and cold water in the other.

We had some interesting results and found that even the cold water mixture created gas. Some test tubes had been held in our hands and this body heat may have changed our cold water into warmer water which could be one reason for the similarities in some of the results.

We thoroughly enjoyed this experiment. Here we are capturing the gases produced inside a balloon, discussing what we can see and recording our results.




Tree Planting.


Year 6 were invited by Northfield Eco Centre to take part in a project being run in conjunction with other friends of Victoria Common. Nineteen volunteers from St Laurence Church Junior School excitedly donned their wellingtons and made the journey over to Victoria Common. We were met by Northfield Eco-Centre, Park Rangers and other friends of Victoria Common. The project involved planting 8 fruit trees and protecting their future with caging, the latter task being carried out by the rangers and council.

All the children took turns to dig the soil, compost the roots and to back fill the space leaving the trees secure to grow. We had a thoroughly wonderful time and cannot wait to take our friends and family to see the new trees. In a year or two we may even be able to pick an apple or pear straight from the trees we planted!

Here we are working together to support the environment which we will continue to respect and cherish. We hope you do too.



 King Edwards Maths Challenge.