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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4.


By the time your children join us they are familiar with the routines and expectations of the Junior School.

In Year 4 we aim to provide an enjoyable and interesting curriculum where the children have fun but also see the importance of learning. We build on all the hard work of the Year 3 teachers and continue to prepare them for the challenges in Year 5 and 6.


Our aim is to ensure that the children enjoy their learning through practical activities which are varied and imaginative. We encourage independence although they are given opportunities to work with others.

Our classrooms have access to the rear playground but two of our classrooms have a super view over the school field.


The teaching staff are: Mrs Merricks (Year Leader), Miss Bailey (Class Teacher), Miss Buckman (Class Teacher), Mrs Bennison (Class Teacher), Mrs Askari (Teaching Assistant) and Mrs James (Teaching Assistant).

2018 - 19

Medium Term Plans

Inspiration Days


Half Term


Date of Inspiration Day



Ancient Egypt

Wednesday 12th September

Children will act as archaeologists today. They can wear their own clothes but may wish to accessorise with items such as hats, magnifying glasses, glasses etc.


Viva L’Italia!

Tuesday 6th November

*Please note change of date

Children are encouraged to come to school dressed in Red, White or Green (to match the flag) but if they wish to dress up in any other ‘Italian’ theme, they can.



Thursday 10th January

Children may come to school dressed in a ‘Chocolate’ or ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ theme.







Thursday 2nd May

Children may wear their own clothes or come dressed as Saxons!


Where We Are

Wednesday 5th June

Children will act as explorers today. They will be asked to accessorise their own explorer-style clothes (this could be jeans, boots and a t-shirt) with 3 items that they would take with them if they were exploring a new land.

Inspiration Day: Viva L'Italia!

Inspiration Day: Viva L'Italia! 1
Inspiration Day: Viva L'Italia! 2
Inspiration Day: Viva L'Italia! 3
Inspiration Day: Viva L'Italia! 4
Inspiration Day: Viva L'Italia! 5
Inspiration Day: Viva L'Italia! 6
Inspiration Day: Viva L'Italia! 7
Inspiration Day: Viva L'Italia! 8
Inspiration Day: Viva L'Italia! 9

Year 4 to Year 5 Transition PowerPoint

Thank you to everybody who was able to attend the transition meeting on Monday 25th June.

Please find the PowerPoint presentation below.

Culmington Manor

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10
Picture 11
Picture 12
Picture 13
More photos coming soon...

What Is Italy? Inspiration Day

Year 4 had a wonderful time on Tuesday 31st October - their Inspiration Day for their new topic 'What Is Italy?' There were some fantastic outfits and costumes - including several pizzas and even a Mario! During the day, the pupils were able to make their own pizzas, taste a variety of Italian foods, learn a few Italian phrases and draw famous landmarks. We were impressed by how much the pupils already knew about this culture-rich country: some by actually visiting and others who had researched the topic in advance. It was also great to see so many pupils try new foods - hopefully some will be lifelong favourites! 


Synagogue Visit


On 8th February, Year 4 visited Singers Hill Synagogue in Birmingham. We were given a detailed and impressive tour by Geoffrey who showed us the many areas of the synagogue and who questioned the pupils about their knowledge of Judaism. The pupils were very impressed by the cathedral style building and the 8 huge Torahs kept in the main Ark. 

Singers Hill Synagogue

Singers Hill Synagogue 1
Singers Hill Synagogue 2
Singers Hill Synagogue 3
Singers Hill Synagogue 4
Singers Hill Synagogue 5
Singers Hill Synagogue 6
Singers Hill Synagogue 7
Singers Hill Synagogue 8

Pentecost Worship

We have been studying The Kingdom of God in RE. As part of our work we looked closely at Pentecost which remembers the time when the Holy Spirit came to the Disciples and the birth of the Christian Church. We learned how important it still is to Christians today. As part of our curriculum we delivered a Collective Worship for the school. Here we are doing our performance.