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School Councillors 17/18


The School Council is an important part of St Laurence Junior School, the representatives attend fortnightly meetings, liaise with their class and the Leadership team to make important decisions and even interview prospective staff!


Children were nominated by their class members to stand before filling in an application form. Once reviewed, a small number of children were chosen to present their ideas to the rest of their class and stand for election, answering any questions that arose. The class then voted on who they wanted to be their representative, taking into account the essential key skills needed for this demanding, yet highly rewarding, role.


After a rigorous election process the following school councillors who have been elected by their peers are as follows:

Year Group

School Councillors

Year 6

Harvey, Iman, Elliot

Year 5

Yang, Milo, Remy
Year 4 Ben, Johan, Zach
Year 3 Ashlee, Nishmaya, Kyra





This year the school councillors gave their peers the opportunity to suggest what they could do to improve life at St Laurence. Then the school councillors came together and choose the four most popular ideas and made them their targets for the year.

Year 3 school councillors are working on:

  • Providing an art club for children
  • Ordering new books for our library
  • A new menu for lunch times
  • Increasing the amount of play equipment at lunch

Year 4 school councillors are working on:

  • Providing bean bags for the library
  • Having popcorn at film night
  • Starting a maths club
  • Having different snacks at play

Year 5 school councillors are working on:

  • Encouraging the teachers to plan more cooking lessons
  • Encouraging the teachers to plan more art homework
  • Having food themed days
  • Having a school pet

Year 6 school councillors are working on:

  • Providing a table tennis table for the front playground
  • Having opening times for the library at lunch
  • Hosting more year 3 events
  • Providing a foreign language club.


We are very proud to say we have achieved some of these targets and are working hard to achieve the rest by the end of the year.


This year we have had extremely exciting news…

Last year, we presented a petition to Councillor Brew at Birmingham Council Houses, for reducing the speed limit around our school so that all children are safer when coming to and leaving school. This year we have received a letter to say that the proposal has been put forward. We are excited to see the changes take place!