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Whole school remembrance homework

WWII was the biggest war the world has ever seen. The UK couldn’t have won the war alone; we worked with lots of other countries. 46 countries signed an agreement to work together in WW2.

These countries were called our Allies.

This year marks the 75th anniversary of three important battles that took place during WWII:

  • Monte Cassino (17th January to 18th May 1944) fought in Italy
  • D-Day (6th June 1944) fought in France
  • Imphal and Kohima (8th March to 18th July 1944) fought in India
    For our whole school homework we will focus on this idea of cooperation and working together for the greater good.
    For your homework you may –
  • Research one of the battles above and make a short information leaflet about it.
  • Design a poster which shows the importance of working together; specifically how many countries agreed to work together for a common goal.
  • Research an individual who made a significant contribution to the war and explain what the contribution was.
  • A short story, poem or any other creative medium you’d like to work in.


As this is whole school homework, you will have more time to complete the task. I would like homework back to your class teacher by 20/11/19. Your class teacher will select some high quality pieces to contribute toward a whole school display.


Mr Stonehall