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Lenten Project

Lenten Project 2019

Lenten Project 2019


St Laurence Church Junior School have been busy raising money for this year’s Lenten Project.


The money raised will help to support the work of Acorns Children’s Hospice.


Lenten Project


Our Lenten project ran from Friday 8th March to Friday 12th April. Olivia from Acorns came into school to explain what our money would be used for.


It costs £35 to fund one hour of a short break for a child in the hospice.

It costs £7000 to run a hospice for a day.

It costs £10 million a year to run care services in the hospices and community.


In total, the children of St Laurence Church Junior School raised £5408.78 for Acorns Children’s Hospice. An amazing amount - very well done to all the children!


Y3,4,5 and 6 Lenten Project Weeks


Each Year group had a week where they sold craft items they had made, held stalls for the other children or played games to raise money for Acorns.


Silver Service


Year 6 made excellent waiters and waitresses at our ‘Silver Service Restaurant’ during lunchtime. They looked very smart in their blazers and their manners were outstanding! The children from the rest of the school enjoyed having their lunches served to them!


Talent Show


Our annual talent show, as part of the Lenten Project, saw children from all classes across the school showcase their talents, ranging from sporting abilities to playing instruments, singing or dancing.


A big well done to all those involved!


Cake sale/ Easter Egg Hamper


Y4 held a sell-out cake sale! Yum yum!


Everyone had the chance of winning a chocolate hamper. There were 6 prizes per year group!


Sponsored Walk


We had a wonderful afternoon completing laps of the school grounds for our sponsored walk.


Thank you!



At St Laurence, we have a saying:


If we all do a little, it adds up to a LOT!


Thank you very much to all the children and their families who have helped support the Lenten Project this year!



Previous Lenten Projects


In previous years, St Laurence Church Junior School has raised money for Birmingham Children’s Hospital and Help for Heroes.