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Club Timetable: Spring 2017


  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Before School 8-8.50 Athletics Multi-Sports y3-6 Cookery Hockey y4/5/6 Villa Football y3-6




After School


Basketball Y4-6


Yr3/4 Gym


Keyboard ensemble


4.30: Girls Football

Karate y3/4


4.30 Boys Football (y3-5)



Dance yr3-6


Boys Football y6 (From Feb HT)



(alternate weeks)




4.30: Table Tennis

Cricket y4-6


Tag Rugby y4-6 (From Feb HT)


4.30: Table tennis



Villa Football y3-6


Netball y5/6


4.45 Dance y2-6


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St. Laurence Church Junior School

Extra-Curricular Sports Clubs 2016/17


Club Details:

We are pleased to offer a huge range of sporting clubs and opportunities for our children. This letter gives details of all clubs, who can attend and any costs involved.

  • All clubs with no cost run for a whole term.

  • Clubs with a cost operate on a half-termly basis.

  • Most places for clubs in term one are allocated on a first come, first served basis (within a 24-hour time period). Any children who miss out go onto a waiting list and are guaranteed a place next time round, if not before if others drop out.

  • For clubs with a cost, all payment needs to be received by the second session of the half term at the latest. Places will be offered to others if anyone fails to do so.

  • A few of our clubs operate as invitation only. This is based on trials and past performance (for those in yr4/5/6). There will be further trial sessions during the year if any children miss out first time round.


Basketball – Mondays 3.15-4.30

This club takes place on the playground every Monday after school. Our coach, Carol has worked with us for 5 years now. This club is open to boys and girls in years 4, 5 and 6. There is a charge of £1.50 per session. Places are allocated on a half-termly basis with all payment made at the start of each half term.


Yr3/4 Gymnastics – Mondays 3.15-4.30

This club will be led by our coach Hayley Moulick, who also leads some of our curriculum PE. It takes place in the hall after school every Monday. It is open to all boys and girls in years 3 and 4. The club is quite structured and prepares children for our termly showcase event as well as possible school competitions. There is a charge of £2 per session paid at the start of each half term.


Yr5/6 Gymnastics – Mondays 4.40-5.40

This club is also led by our coach Hayley Moulick, who also leads some of our curriculum PE. It takes place in the hall following the yr3/4 session. It is open to all boys and girls in years 5 and 6. The club is quite structured and prepares children for our termly showcase event as well as possible school competitions. There is a charge of £2 per session paid at the start of each half term. Please arrive slightly before 4.40, dressed in gym wear, ready to start.


Multi-Sports – Tuesdays 8 – 8.45am

This is a free invitation only club aimed at children who don’t take part in as many sporting activities as others. It will run every Tuesday morning, led by Miss Bailey. In good weather, they will go outside but otherwise, they will use the hall. The aim is to increase the skill sets and confidence of these children so that they can increase their involvement in sport in the future.


Karate – Tuesdays 3.15-3.30

This is open to all children from years 3-6. It is run by Richard Cartwright who has worked with us for 2 years now. Initially for the Autumn term it will be a beginners course, but will progress to slightly more advanced as the year goes on. It takes place in the hall. There is a cost of £2 per session.


Table Tennis – Tuesdays 4.40-5.40

Mrs Reynolds will run the club this year. It is invitation only and places for the first term will be offered to our strongest players. Following that, others who play regularly at lunch times may get an invite later in the year. The club will run in the hall and is free this year. Please arrive just before 4.40 in sports kit ready to play.


Cross Country - ___ lunch times 12.30-1pm

This is open to all children in year 5 and 6 initially. It is an opportunity to practice for our cross country league which runs during the autumn term.  Any children wishing to run need to change at the start of lunch and go straight onto the field. They will then eat once they’ve finished and have time to change back into uniform before the end of lunch.


Yr5/6 Dance – Wednesdays 3.15-4.30

This is a new club open to year 5 and 6 children, led by our lead lunch time supervisor, Mrs Buller. It will take place in the hall after school on Wednesdays and it will prepare children for the termly showcase. We also hope to enter dance competitions as a school this year. There is a charge of £1.50 per session.


Boys Football – Wednesdays 3.15-4.30 (Y6) and Thursdays 4.40-5.40 (Y4/5)

These are invitational clubs, with places offered initially to children in years 4, 5 and 6 who impressed in their football with us last year.


Hockey – TBC

We are lucky to have some Bournville hockey coaches to run this club. It is £1.50 per session and open to any boys and girls in years 5 and 6 for the Autumn term. There will be opportunities for the younger ones in the Spring. Please wear sports kit and bring school uniform in a bag to change into afterwards.


Girls Football - Monday lunch times 12.50-1.20pm

Mr Ellicott will continue to run training sessions for the girls at lunch times, weather permitting. For this club, the girls get an early lunch, then get change and head out onto the field. For the first few weeks, it will be for girls in years 4, 5 and 6 but year 3 will soon get their chance too.


Tag Rugby – Thursdays 3.15-4.30

We are fortunate enough to have Mick and Alison continuing to coach our tag rugby squad. For the first term, the club will be invitation only for children in years 4, 5 and 6 based on school performances last year. There will be training / trial sessions for others during the autumn term and other children will be welcome to join the club later in the year. Training will take place on the field where possible and attendance is free. This club takes a winter break, so no club will run in December or January.


Cricket – Thursdays 3.15-4.30

Bob and Greg have kindly agreed to continue our cricket club. It is aimed mainly at children with some experience but please speak to them or Mr Ellicott if your child might be interested. Boys and girls from years 3-6 can attend as long as they are comfortable with the standard. If anyone plays cricket outside of school, they are certainly welcome. The club is free and takes place in the hall unless the weather is really good and they will use the playground.


Aston Villa Football (Before School) Fridays 8 – 9am


Aston Villa Football (After School) Fridays 3.30-4.30

These are run by Andy Coley, Aston Villa Community Coach, who has worked closely with us for several years now. He will also be delivering more curriculum PE for us this year. Any children in any year group can attend before or after school. There is nothing to stop children doing both, unless it denies someone a place who hasn’t attended either session. There is a cost of £3 per session for both the before and after school clubs. They will take place on the field in good weather, or in the hall if not.


Netball – Fridays 3.15-4.30

Mrs Gilks will continue to run netball club on the playground after school on Fridays. It is free to attend and open to girls in years 5 and 6 at first. In the summer term, year 4s will get their chance too.


Dance – Fridays 4.45-5.30

Laura Tiley-Hood will continue to run this dance club for years 3-5 (plus some year 2 children from the Infants). It takes place in the hall and there is a cost of £4 per session. Please come ready and arrive just before 4.45.  Laura runs this independently, so all payments go to her. This dance group also perform at our termly showcase of dance and gym.


Additional Sports Clubs

Throughout the year, our clubs do rotate based on coming events or due to seasonal changes. At some point during each year we operate rounders, tri-golf and athletics clubs too.


Musical Instruments

The school has a fine musical tradition and offers a wide range of instrumental teaching outside the statutory curriculum.

Each week peripatetic teachers visit the school to provide tuition for saxophone, clarinet, flute, guitar and recorders. Places are limited due to the availability of instruments.


Chess Club

There is a thriving Chess Club which takes place Thursday lunch time and for which there is a charge as the club is run by a qualified chess coach, Mr James. We have taken part in inter school and inter county championships and our children have been very successful. Children from all years are welcome to join – beginners or experts!


Science Club

Mad Science Club takes place every Friday after school. This club is run by an outside organisation and there is a fee involved.


Gardening Club

Gardening Club takes place every alternate Wednesday after school with Martin, our expert gardener. Children learn all about taking care of the plants and garden, plus how to work in a garden using the tools safely. Due to this being an outside club, it can be a little cold and muddy at times, yet the children are not deterred! At the end of the year the children from Gardening Club join the Year 5's in a feast, sampling all of their hard work.



A new club for 2014/15, orchestra meets on a Wednesday after school and is open to children across all year groups who currently play an instrument. They have performed during assemblies and recently at a local awards assembly!